The producers of Testimony are pleased to inform our supporters that as of 2006, the series has won a total of 37 awards for the two pilot episodes given by various video competitions and film festivals.       

Some of these awards include:
Media Communications Association-International - National Gold 2005
International Angel Award - Silver 2004
National Television Academy Southeast Chapter - Emmy Award 2003
Houston International Film Festival - Silver Award 2003
International Film & Video Festival - Gold Camera Award 2003
Telly Awards - 2003 Bronze
Houston International Film Festival - Platinum Award 2002
Aegis Awards - Winner 2002
Aurora Awards - Gold 2002
AXIEM Awards - Silver 2002
Catalyst Awards - Silver 2002
Omni Intermedia Award - Bronze 2002
Videographer Awards - Excellence 2002

While we as producers are very pleased with this recognition, we readily recognize that success is not necessarily measured by these type awards nor do we feel that because of these awards, we are somehow slated to be the future "Spielbergs " of what we do. Our principal goal in entering the pilot episodes in these film competitions is to see how our series, our ideas, our skills as story-tellers stack up against what is being produced in the marketplace.

Clearly, we feel that the success of our first two episodes in these video competitions and film festivals demonstrates that a show of this nature has value - even one that it is overtly Christian in nature. The real question that is raised by this is: Can we as believers in God, produce truly compelling television that illuminates the human condition and provides our struggling culture with answers? Is there a place for television that is story-driven, engaging ... and Christian? We believe there is .. will you help us? We are in the process of identifying sponsors and donors who would like to join the Testimony team and bring these important stories of God's transforming power in people's lives to the television screen. Please call 404-681-3900 if you would like to find out more information about sponsoring an episode or send us an email at

God Bless

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