WHAT   is a testimony?
is the purpose?
is the length & format?
is the imagery?

What is a testimony?
A testimony is often used as a legal term and is defined as "evidence based on observation or knowledge". A Christian testimony is the evidence of God working in a person's life based on the observation and knowledge of the individual as well as others close to the individual. The eye-witness of God working in a person's life is often observed as a dramatic transformation in behavior, principles and morals. Sometimes this evidence is seen as a determination to maintain certain beliefs despite the consequences. The spiritual dimension of a person's life is the key ingredient that differentiates Testimony from other similar biographical series. The focus is on the individual's personal relationship with God and how this has impacted their life. The series features a wide variety of personalities from all races and all walks of life who each have been impacted by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have a desire to share evidence of this relationship with others.

What is the purpose?
The purpose for the series Testimony: Profiles in Faith is:
1. To focus on well known Christian personalities and tell the story of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
2. To show that a relationship with God is real.
3. To give biographical details of the featured personality's life.
4. To include how and why they accepted Christ into their life.
5. To explore how this relationship with God has directly impacted their work, family, and friends.

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