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The recent events in our nation's history have changed the very core of our nature as a people. Anxiousness and uncertainty at a national level have caused an entire nation to reexamine what is truly important in life. Many have come to realize that today's fast paced, high-tech, high-stress world often leads to frustration and hopelessness. Some find happiness in the pursuit of pleasure or possession, others in promotion or in relationships but soon come to find that this type of satisfaction is only short lived.

We believe that God taught us in his own words, the Bible, that if we want to find lasting peace and joy in life, we must have a relationship with him through Jesus Christ. For some people, God's presence in their life is real and this relationship is a source of significance and purpose. Our television series seeks to examine the lives of these individuals and their relationship with God in hopes of providing an answer to those seeking true fulfillment in life. The popularity of the television biography genre presents a unique opportunity to tell the stories of those who believe in Jesus Christ in a way that is interesting, inspiring, and challenging. If you are searching for answers to life's most difficult questions, then the producers of Testimony would like to encourage you to call the number below and talk with someone who can help.

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